We have the great pleasure to announce that European Forum for Islamic Reform has officially become a non-profit association based in Brussels. This legal form (NPO) will allow us to raise funds from individuals, companies and governments while we follow our mission without any compromise on our values. 

The institution was created in 2018 in order to contribute to the ongoing debate about the presence of Islam and Muslims in Europe. However, one must be very keen not to produce repetitive and uncritical discourse.

The Forum opens new paths for reflections on, what some intellectuals call,  “Crisis of Islam” by exploring Contemporary Islamic  literature (See Thinkers)

This body of literature should  serve, if better studied and exposed, as a counter discourse to the radical Salafist narrative. It seems to me that  “Islam Reformation” is an urgent issue to be addressed, if we are to face the rise of radicalisation, terrorism and other forms of hate based on religion or gender. Islam reformation means the adaptation and contextualisation of the religious and cultural aspects of Islam to the European juridical and cultural values.

Throughout a variety of academic activities, we propose to deal with Islam Reformation within the large theoretical framework of both contemporary Islamic thought, and Western philosophy. In fact, our entreprise aims to start a new  reflection in which liberal discourse replaces the “radical” one. The enlightened projects of Shahrour, Arkoun and Nasr Abu Zayd, to mention but few, have been marginalised although their conceptions of Islam seem fitting within the European context.

To enlarge the scope of our entreprise and reach a larger audience, our scientific committee is working on special projects, trying to develop the adequate language and pedagogical supports . Our aims is to attract the attention of young audience and non-specialists and  involved them in our activities.

The Forum’s scientific committee is also responsible for our scientific policy and the planning the activities. The challenge is huge and we are aware that it is a hard task to call for Reformation in “the age of terrorism” . But we took up the challenge because, we believe that, staying indifferent vis-à-vis the atrocities committed in the name of Islam is morally unacceptable.

The objectives of this initiative can only be accomplished if there is enough political , academic and financial support. If you think that our project is worthwhile , please do support us by joining us, donating, and requesting partnership.

Thank you.

Akrout Hafid